Martech Group

Martech Group is a consultancy based in New Zealand. We work with local, Australasian and South East Asian clients to develop strategies and implement processes to enable them to:

   respond to major changes in their business environment, such as legislation or emerging technologies

   manage value

   manage stakeholder relations.

This website illustrates our activities, primarily through the use of case studies.

Our Work

Martech provides services and solutions to clients in defined markets. We work with:

   small to medium size enterprises that:

-   are starting an expansion phase, having piloted new products or services

-   are preparing for their next big jump in size through growth, acquisition or strategic partnership

-   are deciding whether to enter into a new venture

-   are in a turnaround situation

-   have owners who who wish to realise value and exit the business.

   sector representative groups to achieve consensus on co-ordinated actions, improve governance, develop sector-based strategies and improve innovation processes

   science providers and organisations which interact with science providers

   a variety of other organisations including government, Maori, community and non-governmental organisations.

Our Client Base

Martech consultants have worked with organisations in New Zealand and offshore in:

   technology sectors (information technology, manufacturing, biotechnology, energy, media)

   service sectors (tourism, finance, trading)

   primary sectors (forestry, fishing, horticulture)

   government (central, local, regional)

   state sectors (science, education, health)

   non-governmental sectors (Maori, religious and voluntary).

Our Guiding Principles

Martech Group focuses on optimising value for our clients.

In our view, effective strategy development and long-term business success must recognise that:

   all organisations are part of a value network, including the supply chain, customers, distributors, other stakeholders, competitors and other organisations which provide related products or services to the same customers.
The dynamics of this business environment are an essential consideration of any strategy.

   it is increasingly difficult to predict the future with any certainty.
All organisations must improve their ability to learn, adapt and respond to unexpected challenges or opportunities.

   all organisations must differentiate themselves to survive. This requires a continuous process of innovation.

   strategy must be developed to achieve the outcomes specified by the stakeholders (represented by the Board).

Martech - Business partners in the successful implementation of new business ideas.